MOZA – R5 Base + ES Wheel + SR-P Lite Pedal + 15 Deg 2504.34 Desktop Mounting



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Simulator Type

Driving Simulator

Driving Simulator Part

Pedal, Steering Wheel, Wheelbase


1 Year

$898.00 inc GST

Q out of stock

Q out of stock

5.5 Nm of Torque from

Direct Drive Power

With a punchy 5.5Nm of torque, feel everything the road has to give with the power of direct drive.

Race in Limited Space
Use the R5 table clamp that comes with the bundle to mount the MOZA R5 to a table or desk.

One-click Start
The driving modes such as GT, performance car, formula, rally, drifting, and karting are custom designed for racers.

See What you Feel
The R9 can simulate different driving experiences.

Custom Settings
User created custom settings for the best racing experience.

One-Click Ecosystem Upgrading
When firmware needs to be updated, users can upgrade all devices in the control center with just one click.

Control center, convenient and fast
The MOZA Pit House control center allows a racer to check the status of a device, adjust settings, and load presets.

The bundle contains the following products:

  • MOZA DD R5
  • ES Steering Wheel
  • SR-P Lite Pedals (No Clutch)
  • R5 Table Clamp