BRATECK Premium Racing Simulator Cockpit Seat LRS02-BS

BRATECK Premium Racing Simulator Cockpit Seat with Adjustable Fiberglass Bucket Seat, Adjustable Steering Wheel Plate (up up/down & forward/back), Adjustable Pedal & Aerodynamic Chassis for Stability


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Simulator Type

Driving Simulator


1 Year

Immerse yourself in driving simulations with the BRATECK’s racing simulator seat. The seat is a true racing car seat that glides forward, back and reclines. With its assertive stance and sculpted lines, the LRS02-BS Racing Simulator Seat is a balance of beauty and strength and has undergone thorough modification to offer greater driving enjoyment and conform in all driving situation, from the racetrack to rally. The sturdy steel frame has adjustable mounts for the wheel (pre-drilled for Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec wheels), pedals and shifters.


  • Adjustable Fiberglass Bucket Seat: glides forward & back and reclines to offer the key elements of the ideal driving position over long gaming hours
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel Plate: adjusts up/down & forward/back
  • Adjustable Pedal Mount(Plate): enables tilting and forward-back location conforming to your body for optimum support
  • Aerodynamic Chassis Profile: for stability
  • High-Quality Powder-Coated Finish: prevents scratches and rust