Business Solutions

We take care of your devices so your business can focus on what matters, grow your business faster while getting the most of your technology investment.

Cloud Services

Retrieve business files and application from everywhere. VRC Computers’ managed desktop option provides a simple and flexible way to access programs like MS Office and data. Share documents with your team easily and efficiently.

With Microsoft Office 365 you can access emails from any device in any place. Cloud-based email systems tend to be superior to other programs when it comes to key areas like spam reduction and offer more features.

Hardware Services

Our service standards are very high and we have one of the most experienced teams in Manawatu. Our services are true value for money and we aim to service the client needs as fast as possible.

Whether its troubleshooting and repair, tuning a slow computer or upgrading old hardware, we got you covered. We will take care of your devices so you can focus on what's important.

IT Security and Backup Services

Our all-in-one security solution safeguards your workstations, file servers, mobile devices and company email from cyber threats. It’s unobtrusive, fast and lets you focus on generating revenue for your business.

Our cloud backup services will protect your business data against data loss. We help you complete your backup efficiently and securely by automatically uploading your data to secure data centers.

Phone Systems

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