Promate KARMA RED Dynamic Over-Ear Gaming Headset with Microphone

Gamers require immersive audio performance and for good reason as you know exactly where the enemy is positioned, you’re the one to set up the ambush. Karma packs amazing audio performance into a design that is exceptionally lightweight, durable and comfortable.

– Unidirectional microphone, the HD mic ensures shot calls and strategic discussions are delivered to your team with absolute clarity
– Haptic vibration feedback, feel the game with sensory haptic technology that converts audio cues from the game into dynamic vibration feedback in real-time.
– 2.2 meter fabric cable
– Virtual immersive sound
– The soft cushioning headband, relieves any strain on your head while wearing the headset for extended periods
– Maximum adjustability, to fit seamlessly onto any head size and provide enhanced comfort
– Finely tuned audio drivers, product a surround sound effect that lets you react to any game movement if it’s coming from above or beneath you, giving you heightened senses



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$89.00 inc GST

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Q out of stock