Keychron K6-P1 K6 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard





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Gateron Red Linear




1 Year

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Q out of stock

Introducing the Keychron K1-P1, a versatile and stylish mechanical keyboard designed with productivity in mind. This keyboard features a full-size layout, including a number pad and function keys, making it an ideal choice for professionals and power users alike.

The Keychron K1-P1 boasts a low profile design, measuring just 18mm from the base to the top of the keycaps. With its slim profile and a frame made of aircraft-grade aluminum, this keyboard is not only stylish but also durable and sturdy.

Equipped with hot-swappable Gateron mechanical switches, the Keychron K1-P1 offers a customizable typing experience. Simply pop in your preferred switches to personalize the feel and sound of your keyboard.

The Keychron K1-P1 offers both wired and wireless connectivity options, allowing you to connect up to three devices via Bluetooth and switch between them seamlessly. With its long-lasting battery life of up to 15 hours on a single charge, you can work without interruption, and the included USB-C cable provides a stable wired connection when you need it.

This keyboard is also highly customizable, with the ability to program macros and shortcuts to streamline your workflow. The included software allows you to customize the RGB backlighting and create custom lighting effects to suit your style and mood.

The Keychron K1-P1 also comes with a stylish, matching aluminum frame, available in silver or space gray, to complement any workspace setup.

Overall, the Keychron K1-P1 is a high-quality, full-size mechanical keyboard that combines productivity, style, and customization. Whether you’re a programmer, data analyst, or a writer, the Keychron K1-P1 is the perfect addition to your desk.