EPOS Gaming H6PRO Open Back Gaming Headset + GSX 300 External Sound Card



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3.5mm, Bluetooth, USB, Wireless


2 Years

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Powerful, distraction-free audio
Tap into exceptionally detailed audio with the H6PRO, a closed acoustic gaming headset that seals out ambient noise. Its detachable boom microphone is positioned for optimal voice pickup, alongside comfort features like a cushioned headband, memory foam ear pads, and adjustable ear cups for long-wear gaming.

Nonstop comfort for long-wear gaming
Extended gaming sessions call for exceptional comfort, and the closed acoustic version of H6PRO pulls out all the stops: a lightweight build, a redesigned headband with improved padding, hinged ear cups, and memory foam ear pads

Noise-dampening closed acoustic design
Ambient noise is no match for the H6PRO. This headset’s closed-back ear cups keep environmental distractions out, so you can sharpen your competitive edge by focusing on every audio detail.

Detachable lift-to-mute microphone
Raise the H6PRO’s microphone to instantly take yourself off the air. This headset’s magnetic boom arm – positioned for optimal voice pickup – can easily be removed and replaced with a sleek cover plate if you’re using an external microphone.

Compatible with all major platforms
Inside the H6PRO box, you’ll find exchangeable cables for PC, Mac®, PS4™, PS5™, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. You can also pair this headset with a variety of EPOS sound cards to further enhance your gaming audio

Intuitive Volume Control
A volume wheel on the right ear cup allows for quick adjustments while gaming

Durable And Lasting Performance
Highly durable materials and obsessive quality control – with 2-year warranty

The first taste of high-performance game audio
The GSX 300 external sound card is the first upgrade step for the gamer passionate about the quality of their audio. For the gamer with a good quality headset that is seeking to invest in their gaming gear for better performance, without jumping off the top end in complexity and price, the GSX 300 external sound card will deliver the goods.

Used in-line between the headset and the PC with simple plug-and-play, the GSX 300 delivers high-resolution audio in stereo. The EPOS Gaming Suite with its advanced digital sound processing and 7.1 surround algorithm not only allows the customization of sound profiles but also the advanced noise cancellation controls enhance acoustic clarity and minimize background noise for improved microphone control and crisp team communication.

As most gamers know, high-quality game audio which delivers realism and positional accuracy help with your in-game reactions and performance while acoustic clarity in-game chat enhances team communication. Level up your game audio and hence your game performance with the GSX 300 external sound card. A small investment in price, a huge advancement in your game audio and performance.